Core Drillers, Inc. is committed to conducting broad research and geoscientific exploration projects on the majority of industrial minerals as well as gemstones.

The exploration team of Core Drillers is capable to provide wide range exploration services of minerals resources. The exploration services covering from initial reconnaissance, geochemical survey, geophysical survey, bore-hole drilling, geological mapping and ore-reserve estimation of wide commodities and varies deposit styles.  

Core Drillers exploration team members consist of well-qualified national and international geologists, geochemist, geophysicists, mining engineers, minerals economist, environmental and social safeguard specialist, and other associated specialists.  The team is able to work in any given environment in Afghanistan and around the world. The exploration activities are conducting in following phases but not limited to:

01.  Initial social and environmental assessment to provide baseline information about projected area

02.  Collection of previous geological data and analysis

03.  Analyzing geological outlines to provide indication of targeted viable mineral resources

04.  Initial field survey and collection of rock specimen samples to pin out ore prospects

05.  Detailed geochemical survey to evaluate host rocks and grade of the ore-mineral occurrences

06.  Geophysical survey at an early stage base on commodities overview, if required 

07.  Borehole drilling; to sample the mineralization and investigate extension in depth

08. Feasibility, prove the project economics


Core Drillers believes in professional mining as we employ best mining practices for industrial minerals, gemstone and large scale mining by means of modern state of art technologies to maximize mining capacity and product outcome.

  1. Economics and investment analysis of the mine understanding technical and marketing factors
  2. Mine planning and scheduling
  3. Project management
  4. Pricing and financial projection
  5. Mining and projection


Processing is one of the core objectives of the Core Drillers; With our initial investment on talc processing plant, we provide Talc processing services to our clients through which we have been able to bridge the gap between mining and processing opportunities.

With our state of art processing plant, we render the following services:
  1. Sorting
  2. Segregation
  3. Milling


Core Drillers, Inc is committed to conducting trade and supply of various minerals found and extracted from Afghanistan to international consumers.

The commodities we deal in are ;

  • Industrial Minerals: Talc, Magnesite, Gypsum, Mica, Sulfur etc...
  • Gemstone: All types of Gemstone(Tourmaline, Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire, Lapis etc...)


Core Drillers render consultancy services to the mining and mega infrastructural projects. The scope of our services includes prospection and exploration of mineral resources; provide trainings in mining optimization techniques, environmental and social assessments of mining and infrastructural projects.

With our team of professional and experienced geologists and our management, we provide the contemporary exploration, mining facilities to our clients in consideration to their requirements.